Full CV + kind words

The Kind Words

Sherene Zolno
Executive Director and Master Coach at The Leading Clinic
"You would be fortunate to learn from Kara and become certified as a Creative Grief Coach. She is warm, kind, caring, compassionate and committed to ensuring that each person grows personally and professionally. She has deep knowledge of all aspects of using art in healing, is an amazing artist and healer herself plus she is a deep and respectful listener and coach."

Ang Westermann
Artist & RN
"As an artist, taking the You Have Permission workshop was quite a stretch for me. I went into the workshop thinking, "Oh I can do anything I want, I don't need permission to do anything." However what I discovered was quite the opposite. Working through each session, working through each meditation, I realized I put loads of expectations upon myself and upon others. This workshop helped me understand that allowing myself to be, just the way I am, allowed me the freedom to love and accept others just the way they were, it was a real eye opener to me.

The 1000 Permission Granted book that I got as part of the workshop was phenomenal! One that really spoke to me was "You have permission to become a non stick surface." WOW, how powerful! To me that was reminding me I did not have to take on every little thing; I did not have to save the world; and given that as a nurse, that have been ingrained in me since I began my caretaking profession, this was a very important message to me. I am sure one or more of the messages in this workshop will resonate with you.

Another favorite was, "You have permission to make mistakes and know you are still worthy," which reminded me that being perfect is not a requirement; that this life of MINE is riddled with unsure decisions, and no matter how they turn out, guess what? I am OK and will be ok.

I love the sense of play that Kara implemented right from the beginning. The book I would recommend completely to anyone, as it is very empowering to give yourself permission 1,000 ways. And more empowering still to then take it a step further and make your own permission slips using the empty ones at the back of the book.

Take this workshop. While the premise seems simple, and it is, we often forget we have permission to be. This workshop reminds us of this. It's a very empowering and fun workshop. Karas gentle voice makes you feel cradled and protected. Thank you Kara!"

Adrienne Edmonson
"Kara is a gifted, compassionate and intuitive person, who knows how to direct her creativity in unique, caring and insightful ways. Her talent in mentoring and assisting others to find their own voice and heal their own paths, is simply amazing."

Courtney Putnam
Licensed Massage Practitioner & Reiki Master, Rising Bird Healing Arts

"Kara is a healing soul, who embodies creativity and empathy in everything she does. When I held an art show at my home business Rising Bird Healing Arts, Kara was my guest henna artist. She adorned participants with gorgeous and meaningful henna designs on their hands, leaving them oohing and ahhing in delight at how well Kara *understood* them and their vision. Kara connects deeply and creates with such heart. I even received my own bird design and was delighted to wear it on my skin for a whole week."

Tambre Leighn
Bringing 7th Level Wellbeing™ to Healthcare & Corporate America

"Our mutual dedication to helping others navigate the what's next after loss impacts their lives brought Kara and I together. Her invitation for me to guest blog led me to spend significant time reading through her posts and getting to know her services. The creativity and hope she inspires through all the tools and insights she shares is so valuable. Kara is supportive and visionary and it is an honor to know her."

Joan Newcomb
Mystic Mentor Coach at Life Transformations Unlimited

"Kara has assisted me with publishing my first book and producing former website(s). She did an excellent job on both counts, and I admired her high integrity with her work. I would also highly recommend her other services; she is a talented artist, henna healer and a supremely capable and compassionate grief coach."

Art Therapist

"Kara is a truly inspiring and amazing coach. Her visualizations and experiential exercises helped me work through my emotions creatively, bringing me out of my own downward spiraling mind and opening me to my own depth and aliveness at a very difficult time in my life, simultaneously connecting me to a virtual community."

Janel Atlas
Editor + Author

"Kara's contributions to a book I edited (They Were Still Born: Personal Stories of Stillbirth, Fall 2010, Rowman & Littlefield) about the connection of grief and creativity are inspiring. Her exuberant art and clear writing style make her a powerful voice in the field of pregnancy/infant loss."

The Full CV

As seen in...

For Passion Publishing, March 2016, Contributing Author

For Creative Grief Studio, November 2016, Contributing Author

North Light Books, December 2014, Contributing Artist

North Light Books, December 2014, Contributing Artist

Peter Lang Pub Inc, November 2014, Contributing Author

Indie Film, Due out December 2014, Contributing heARTist

skirt!, December 2013, Featured Artwork

Strategic Book Publishing, January 2014, Contributing Author

Rowman & Littlefield, December 2010, Grief & Creativity chapter

Eloquent Books, June 2010, Foreword

Spring 09, Page 81 (Finding My Way Goddess)

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Conari Press, 2000, Pages 42 - 44

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Fall 09, Page 56, "heavy & release"

2008, Pages 439-454, "Boundary ambiguity and the death of a child," Cacciatore J. , DeFrain J., & Jones K.

Adams Media, 2002, Pages 46 - 48

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1999, Author

Autumn 08, P. 134 (set by Kara; photo by Hawk)

2008, Pages 351-370, "The couple and the death of a baby," Cacciatore J. , DeFrain J., Jones K., & Jones H.

Seattle's Child, 2000



Interview (Radio/TV/Webcast)

Featured Guest, The Creative Giant, April 28, 2017, episode 139, Podcast:

Featured Guest, Good Grief w Cheryl Jones, July 29, 2015 episode, Voice America:

Featured Guest, Holistic Creative Chats, May 2015, with Hali at Spectrum:

Featured Guest, Healing Grief Summit 101, November 2014, click here for MP3 of full interview.

Featured Guest, Transformation Talks with Alana Sheeren, August 2013:

Featured Guest, Mystic Musings with Joan Newcomb, July 31, 2013:

Featured Guest, Creative Living with Jamie Ridler: October 26, 2010 episode, click image below to listen or download the interview:

Author Interview, Permission Book Featured on Selling Books Blog: Your guide to writing, publishing and marketing books and ebooks, August 2010

Featured Guest, Chatting About 1,000 Permissions Granted (MP3), with host Joan Newcomb on Adventures In Density & Effort, radio show, July 2010

Real Meaning of Mothers Day, Getting Creative when you are a Bereaved Mother on Mothers Day, a chat with Tiffany Windsor on FaveCrafts Radio, May 2010

Friendship Celebration Guest, a chat with Kathryn Antyr aka Collage Diva at True North Arts, April 2010

Featured Guest, Grief & Creativity (MP3), with host Rev. Joan Newcomb on Adventures In Density & Effort, radio show, Holiday Show, December 2009

Featured Guest, Stillbirth & Flash Of Life, with host Megan Suyks on NPR's The Human Condition, 2001

Additional Book Publications (in addition to those featured above)

To see books Kara has solo-authored or collections she's edited via KotaPress, please see our Bookshop.

Nostalgia That Was Never Mine (artwork), Bateau Lit Mag, Issue 7.1, ed. Dan Mahoney, Bateau Press, October 2017

Goddess and Gremlin haiku, Haiku Journal, issue 50, team editors, e-version published March 2017, paperback version Spring / Summer 2017

Sip Tea With Dreams heART-work, A Path To Connection, ed. Heather Plett, August 2014

"But Why Do You Continue?" chapter, The Speaker Anthology, Vol 1: 101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast, eds. Kent Gustavson and Sally Sheilds, Blooming Twig Books, released July 2011

"Daily Reminders" and "Tanka Train of Lessons 101," Nerve 6, La Fovea, invitation only, Summer 2011

Cover Art, MISSing Ingredients Cookbook, ed. Kathy Sandler, MISS Foundation, Spring 2010

Creation @ Dutch Treats, co-authored with Dana Gerringer, "Sinatra...but buddy, I'm kind of a poet" Anthology, ed. Gilbert L. Gigliotti, Entasis Press, 2008

Excerpt “Saturn Returns” from The Good Wife included in Passing Anthology from PoetWorks Press, ed. Bonnie Sutterby, Rienzi, MS, published Spring 2006

Grief: Finding Our Way, workbook, Kara L.C. Jones author; KotaPress 2006

Ephemera: Mother Henna, Books One and Two, Kara L.C. Jones, artists & ed.; KotaPress 2006

Excerpts of Flash Of Life and "Grace" series used in the book Grief Journey by Katie Hodge, Dancing Peanut Productions, published Fall 2004

Flash Of Life, 2nd Edition, Kara L.C. Jones author; Mindy Schuller, photographer; Hawk Jones
designer; KotaPress, June 2002

Essay "Healing on the Internet," Real People Real Stories, Suite 101 Inc., 2001

Poetry Excerpts "For Piaf," "Bullet Proof," and "Pocket Full of Poetry," included in double-sided book Labyrinth/Portico, ed. Shelley Tucker, Kotapress, 2000

Tanka Excerpt from "Father Son Holy Ghost", American Tanka, ed. Laura Maffei, Issue 8, Spring 2000

Father Son Holy Ghost, Kara L.C. Jones author; Hawk Jones designer; KotaPress, 2000

Mrs. Duck and The Woman, Kara L.C. Jones author & photographer, Hawk Jones designer,
KotaPress, 1999 (English), 2004 (Spanish)

Poetry Excerpts "My Husband Sighs" and "First Day Back" from Flash of Life included in book Old Growth, ed. Shelley Tucker, Austen Press, 1999

Poetry Excerpt "A Story of Faith" from Flash of Life included in book Dreamscape, ed. Shelley Tucker, Austen Press, 1999

Tanka Excerpt from "Che-WA", American Tanka, ed. Laura Maffei, Issue 6, Spring 1999

Blog Features or Guest Spots

Untitled (written work) + Performative Mission (toy cam photo), featured, August 2017, Anti-Heroin Chic, ed. James Diaz

Grief: misunderstood and re-visioned, featured, August 2017, Elegy: an open project on death and dying, ed. Valerie Grove

Keeping Your Inspiration… Creative Everyday…, Standing Still Magazine, Guest Post, July 21, 2016

A Mother's Grief, featured artist, October 28, 2014, Un-Sent: an art journal showcase, ed. Effy Wild

The Space We Live In, guest blogger, May 24, 2013, The Respite

Body Map: a creative prompt, create. heal. inspire., feature for International Creativity Month Series, January 5, 2012, Faces of Loss Faces of Hope

Bullet Jizo, featured artist entry - photography, August 2, 2011, still life 365

Giving Birth to a Stillborn Child: sharing the Womb Book, December 8, 2010, Craft For Health: creating handmade health

Do You Give Yourself Permission To Play, November 19, 2010, Inspired Girl and LifeGloss

Grief & Creativity Blog Chat, featured panelist, June 6, 2010, still life 365

Artist Feature: I am heARTist, May 10, 2010, Art Is Moving: a place to dialog about art

Feature: Author Interview, Spring 2010, Selling Books: your guide to writing, publishing, and marketing

Do You Know the History and Meaning of Mothers Day?, April 2010, FaveCraftsBlog

The Womb Book + new short film about process of making this book, April 2010, still life 365

Featured Artist and Swap Host: Interview with Kara of Mother Henna, April 2010, SwapDex

Artist Feature: Mother Henna Interview, posted Monday, March 29, 2010, on blog at Violette.ca

Artist to Artist Feature: grief & creativity, February 2010, still life 365

Capricorn Moon Artist Feature, January 2010, Soul Reader

The After Life, Winter 2010, still life 365

*8 Creative Approaches to Grief During the Holidaze, Fall 2009, Magpie/BlogHer

a film about "this is not a book", Fall 2009, Keri Smith's Wish Jar

How-To Do a Tape Transfer, Spring 2009, Tip Junkie Tutorials

Womb Book, Spring 2009, Beauty In the Breakdown

1,000 Faces of Mother Henna, Winter 2009, Diane Clancy's Art Blog

Of Magie & Faith, Fall 2008, BlogOlympics at Glow in the Woods

Braincase: Sugar Skull, Fall 2007, Skull-A-Day


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), Parent Newsletter, Creative Column (11 articles) being featured for the 2014 year, founder + curator Cheryl Haggard, Vol. 2, 2014

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), Parent Newsletter, featured article, "Perspectives," founder + curator Cheryl Haggard, Vol. 2, Issue 10, January 2014

The Arts, "Birth Issue," featured artwork "The Womb Book," ed. Vivi Sojorhn, December 2013

Raising Arizona Kids, "Expressions of Grief," by Mary Ann Bashaw, November 2011

Grief & Creativity Prompt: a tea party with grief, P.S. Newsletter, Summer 2011, Volume 32, Issue 8

The Compassionate Friends, "Can't You Get Over It?" from SW Dallas County Chapter, Volume 9, Issue 7, July 2011

Babies Remembered: The Healing Arts Issue, "Sometimes Small is All I Can Handle" and "Making Myth of Our Resistances," from Wintergreen Press, Volume III, Issue 2, #10, April/May/June 2011

Raising Arizona Kids, "Comfort Food," by Mary Ann Bashaw (cover art featured is mixed media piece from 1,000 Faces of Mother Henna project), November 2010

LifeGloss: Sparkle For Your Soul, "Daily Play: Giving Yourself Permission," from Inspirista, November 18, 2010

Women's Day, interviewed for "How connected are you," by Sally Stich, November 1, 2010

Redbook, "Home is where you make it," Body & Mind, p. 106, July 2010

Shrines As Healing Ritual: a creative prompt, P.S. Newsletter, March/April 2010

Artistic Expression Eases Grief, Pittsburgh Tribune Review/Valley News Dispatch, by Mary Ann Thomas, Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dictionary of Loss + Appreciation During Holidays, Babies Remembered Magazine, Holidays Issue 2009

Essence, "Gift Wrap Your Time," p. 170, holiday issue, Decmeber 2009

Inviting Scary To Tea: a creative prompt, P.S. Newsletter, September/October 2009

Redbook, "Your Inner Life: 5 things to be happy about right now," p. 55, August 2009

A Small Victory, ed. Liz Allen, article “Coping with Holidaze,” Winter 2008

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Art Doll Quarterly, Stampington & Co., "The Pink Artists Doll," p. 50, contributed two squares and commentary on henna as alternative to wig during chemo hair loss, Autumn 2008

Breaking the Gender Barrier in Grief, MISSing Angels Newsletter, March/April 2008

Hearts & Wings, ed. Jan Liddell, article “One Dies, One Survives: Part II,” Winter 2007

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Help For Those Coping with Loss, The Seattle Times, Scene Section, Thursday, January 27, 2000

Review of Mrs. Duck & The Woman, Seattle's Child, United Parenting Publications, January 2000

Exhibits (*solo shows)

Creative Approaches To Grief Experiences, Group Show, Part of the Vashon Conversations for the Living on Dying, Co-curator, Heron's Nest / Two Wall Gallery, Vashon WA, March 2017

Day of the Dead, Group Show, Co-curator, VIA Gallery, Vashon WA, October 2014

Jizo and other Figures, Heron's Nest Gallery, Vashon WA, July 2014

*Tangibles of the Intangible, VIA Gallery, Vashon, WA, April 2014

Betrayal, Inside-Outside exhibit, Valise, Vashon, WA, May 2013

Mother & Child, Day of the Dead exhibit, included on the Short Lives, Eternal Impact ofrenda, Longmont Museum & Cultural Center, Longmont, CO, October 5 - November 4, 2012

Paper Doll GRRRRLS, "five." exhibit, Mulberry Art Studio, Lancaster, PA, January 2012

Continuing The Hero's Journey: Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn NY, 2012 (Now is in permanent library at The Sketchbook Project: #S70545, Project: SBP: LE, 180.6-3)

Handmade Deco'd Sugar Skulls, Day of the Dead Collaborative Show, Cafe Luna Vashon, October 2010

*Poster Exhibit, Excerpt of 1,000 Permissions Granted, creative permission slips, Vashon Bookshop, July 2010

Kabuki I, Mixed Media, 16x20 canvas, All-Island Art Show, Valise Gallery, July 2010

Handmade Mixed Media ATCs, Art in Hand 2: Artist Trading Cards, The Historic Smithville Mansion Annex Art Gallery, Curated by Lynn Lemyre, Burlington County Division of Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Eastampton, NJ, April 2010

Danger Danger: Sketchbook Project, Volume 4, Art House Coop, Brooklyn NY, 2009 (Finished sketchbook was included in national tour and now is in permanent library at The Sketchbook Project: #12499, Project: SBP 2010, Catalogued — 055.6-4)

Handmade Mixed Media ATCs, RAG 4th Annual Artist Trading Card Exhibit, September - October 2009

*The GRRRRRRLS exhibit, mixed media, Cafe Luna Gallery, August 2009

Hand-carved stamp, proof print ATCs for Art in Hand: The World of Artist Trading Cards, The Historic Smithville Mansion Annex Art Gallery, Curated by Lynn Lemyre, Burlington County Division of Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Eastampton, NJ, April 2009

1,000 Faces excerpt exhibit during “A Peace of…Vashon” show, Café Luna, November 2008

1,000 Faces excerpt exhibit during Mekosun GURU show, Mekosun Loft, August 2007

CreativiTEA: tea themed art; joint show with illustrator Lynndee Lebeau, Vashon Tea Shop for
Island Art Tour, May 2007

Photography & Henna Art, Mekosun Gallery show at Hengst Studios, February 2006

Photo Study of The Womb Book, contributing artist to The Secret Club Project, internationally traveling exhibit, curator Laura Seftel, 2005

*Henna Arts: More Henna Off the Bod’, showcasing henna and henna style art on wood, canvas, paper, and photography, Natali Clinic Gallery, May 2005

*Henna Arts: Off the Bod’, a show of henna on wood, paper, cloth, and in photography, Café Luna Gallery, February 2005

Henna Hands (original designs collaboration with Hawk Jones presented for his show), Café Luna Gallery, July 2004

Wombs (mixed media, handmade books), VAA show “Women’s Bodies Violence & Healing,” February 2003

Sampling of Past Speaking Events, Workshops, Presentations

Ignition Talk on Grief + Creativity

Spring 2015, Crossroads Conference Presentation, see video above, Pittsburgh, PA

Creative Grief Education

Fall 2012, Conference workshop, Co-facilitated with Cath Duncan, Phoenix, AZ

Grief & Creativity Keynote

Spring 2010, SHARE Annual Auction & Dinner, Lancaster, PA.

Using Poetry to Document the Grief Experience

Winter 2010, University of WA, Tacoma Campus, for students in seminar with Prof. Rich Furman.

Grief & Creativity Workshop

Fall 2009, for LIOS first year students, half-day module with Prof. Alex Onno.

Hero's Journey & Losing Layla:
personal retreat & professional training

Summer 2009, three day workshop & training for bereaved parents and those who care for them.

heART of the Hero, small group session, 2009

Click here to see session flyer

Getting to the heART of it, small group session, 2009

Click here to see session flyer

Poetry UNslam, conference workshop, 2006 & 2008

Click here to see session handout

Grief: Finding Our Way, conference workshop, 2007 & 2008

Click here to see session handout

Writing to Heal the Heart, conference workshop, 2006

Click here to see session handout

Exploring with heART, conference workshop, 2006

Click here to see session handout

Grief & Ritual with facilitated screening of Losing Layla

Summer 2006, WA State MISS Chapter Retreat

Give Sorrow Words; and Poetry As Healing Art

2004 and 2005 MISS Foundation International Grief Conferences

Expanding Poetry

2002 and 2004 WA State Poet's Association and Burning Word Fest

Stillbirth: Giving Birth to Death

2001, feature spot on NPR's "The Human Condition" hosted by Megan Sukys

Additional Workshops and Presentations

  • Spring 2016, The Creative Grief Studio, Self-care: tending personally, professionally, communally, weekend retreat, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Spring 2016, ADEC Annual Conference, Fiction and grief: The creative road to healing and transformation, panel discussion, Minneapolis, MN
  • Spring 2015, Crossroads Conference, A Salon Discussion on Grief + Creativity, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Summer 2011, The Leading Clinic, The Hero's Journey, Vashon Island, WA
  • Summer 2010, Vashon Bookshop, The Story of KOTA: Knowing Ourselves Thru Art, Vashon Island, WA
  • Spring 2010, Mills Mall Borders, Woodmont Ave: Grief & Creativity thru the Generations, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Spring 2010, Lancaster SHARE, Keynote on Grief & Creativity in Bereaved Families, Lancaster, PA
  • Winter 2010, UW Tacoma, Using Poetry to Document the Grief Experience, Prof. Rick Furman, Tacoma, WA
  • Fall 2009, for LIOS first year students, half-day module with Prof. Alex Onno, Seattle, WA
  • Summer 2009, Hero's Journey & Losing Layla: 3-day personal retreat & professional training for bereaved parents and those who care for them, Vashon Island, WA

Blog Collaborations

Artist Collaborations

  • Creative Approaches To Grief Experiences, group exhibit, 2017
  • Day of the Dead, group exhibit, 2014
  • Handmade Valentine heART swap, 2014
  • Day of the Dead, fine handmade art, 2013
  • heART Swap, 2010
  • Handmade Holiday heART, Gift Exchange, 2009
  • Day of the Dead, fine handmade art, free photo book, 2009
  • heART of the Hero/Shadow, Graphic Novel, 2009
  • heART Cards, 2009
  • Inspiration Deck, 2008

Body Art

Kara has offered body art as ritual for various clients and events including:

Rising Bird Healing Arts, Café Luna, Vashon Allied Arts World Music on the Rock, Sunday Sacred Play Days, MISS Conference, Guest Artist at Little Red Studio, Red Sky Studio/Kotagraph Photoshoots, Oasis Belly Dancing Market, Starbucks, Seattle University India Nite, McMurray Middle School Rec Nite, MehndiAid, Tsunami Relief Concert Night on Vashon, June First Friday at GRACE, Late Nite at the Library (Vashon Branch), Seattle University Student Break Nite, Island Earth Fair.

Professional Life

Co-founded The Creative Grief Studio in partnership with Cath Duncan, 2011 to present
Founded Grief + Creativity (formerly MotherHenna/Henna Healing), 2003 to present
Co-founded KotaPress in partnership with Hawk Jones, 1999 to present
Creative Consultant with the MISS Foundation, 1999 to 2012


Healing Trauma Series: Training for Coaches, Healers, and Mind/Body Practitioners
With Irene Lyons

How to Bring Activism Into Your Everyday Life
with Cameron Airen + Andréa Ranae of Whole / Self Liberation

with Micky ScottBey Jones / Auburn Seminary

Highly Sensitive People, Empathy, and Synesthesia
with Tamra Excell and Luna Lindsey of CMASAS

Radical Dharma Intensive Activist Training
with Rev. angel Kyodo williams, sponsored by stand.earth

SURJ digi Activist Training
Prep for hosting #FREEDOMNOW webinar on "Keeping Actions Accessible: holding up those who are in the struggle but can't be in the street"

ADEC 2016 Annual Conference
Death Education

VerbTribe: Creating A Sustainable Writing Practice
Level I with Patti Digh

Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy
Level III Narrative Therapy Training with Stephen Madigan

Proaction Associates
Coaching Certification, Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ with Hero's Journey as Key Model
2007 – 2010

Vashon Island Reiki
Master-Teacher Training and Certification
2003 - 2007

Yoga Methods
Medicine Buddha Reiki Certification

Write From the Source
Poetry Expression with Shelley Tucker, Seattle, WA
1998 - 2000

Language and Production Internship
Family Communications, Inc + Mister Rogers Neighborhood
Under Mentorship of Fred Rogers, Hedda Sharapan, and David Newell
1992 - 1995

Carnegie Mellon University
BA, Poetics and Cultural Theory
1992 – 1995

Chatham University
Minor, Early Childhood Development
1992 - 1995